Group Discussion Facilitator

Audet Branding  offers a facilitation service for group discussions to organisations wishing to establish their position and/or define their brand identity in the eyes of their customers.  We offer the required collaboration for the gradual creation of this process (questions, goals, etc…)  Audet Branding works directly with the customer and  also works as a consultant/ freelance agent for Market Research Firms (Qualitative research) and advertising/communications agencies,  in need of ad hoc facilitations skills.

When do you need a facilitator?

  • Improve management
  • Make business decisions easier
  • Manage new ideas
  • Validate ideas (visual aspect, company name, strategic orientation, etc.)
  • Conduct Market research
  • Find concrete solutions
  • Favor mobilization and reach a consensus

What are the benefits of hiring a professional facilitator?

  • Asks the right questions to obtain the right answers!
  • Welcomes a variety of questions which often generate good ideas since the facilitator is neutral and unbiased. It is at this moment that the novelty is created.
  • Allows participants to fully express themselves in front of people outside of the business, which makes them feel valued, listened to and motivated.
  • Leverages participants’ skills.
  • Organises and monitors the group in order to benefit discussions and much more!

What is our process?

  • Clearly establish the project objectives
  • Create the concept aligned with your needs
  • Work in partnership with you to optimize your sessions

Virginie Audet, president of Audet Branding, coordinates discussion groups. Her experience, good judgment, leadership and facilitation skills make her the perfect partner and your guarantee your success. Click here for more information about Virginie Audet

A good facilitator must have good judgment, leadership and has to show creativity. A facilitator must be empathetic but neutral, eloquent and ready to listen. Audet Branding proposes a personalised quality facilitation service

Note: Trainer accredited by Emploi Québec. The 1% law training to promote the development and recognition of skills of the workforce. Delivery of continuing education units (CEUs) with your professional College.