Audet Branding is interested in all types of organizations. Whether enterprises, organizations, agencies or foundations and even individuals who want to create their professional identity!

Some organizations opt for a complete program, others for personal coaching or group facilitation for discussion.

Whatever your goals and your budget, track Audet Branding offers a solution to meet your needs.


Montreal, CEO, LSA


 I had the chance to work closely with Virginie and it was a real pleasure for my team and me. As a facilitator for chapter 2 of WPO Montreal, she acts in a benevolent manner, ensuring that agendas are respected while adjusting the topics and themes discussed according to the needs of the group.

Camille Burns

New York, CEO - WPO


Virginie was exceptional to work with on the branding for the Women President Organization’s annual conference in Montreal. During the discovery and planning phase of the project, I found Virginie to be a creative and intuitive listener who was able to quickly grasp and conceptualize the ideas our team had for our silver anniversary. Virginie’s branding expertise translated to an elegant, cohesive, expertly-crafted brand identity for all of our conference materials. Her understanding and knowledge of brand appeal is truly inspiring and I look forward to future opportunities to work with Audet Branding.

Louise Watson

CEO - Adura Strategy - Vancouver

I worked with Virginie when we wanted to produce Canadian-specific WPO-messaging.  Virginie not only knows her stuff, she is also very open to discussing options and receiving feedback throughout a project.  The perfect package when collaborating to achieve great communication outcomes.    
Dawn O’Connor

CEO - Productivity Ninja, Alberta

Virginie is delightful to work with. She does her research and gathers all the key information, and then consolidates it beautifully to communicate messages effectively. I have the privilege to be on a committee with her related to our work with WPO - Women Presidents Organization - and I am consistently impressed with her creative contributions, work ethic and lovely energy. I value my relationship with Virginie and would recommend her for any creative branding activities.  
Mr Hoi

Marketing Manager, Abbott, Latin America & Canada

Thanks Virginie so much for your dedication to the Focus Group.  It has definitely been challenging and appreciate that you held your composure and stood firm throughout the entire project. We look forward to working on more projects together.
Mr. Guay

Vice-président dans une multinationale

The branding experience with Audet Branding  was one of the most interesting, challenging and discovering experience I have done for many years. I have learned so much about myself and she made me working really hard at getting out of my comfort zone. The branding exercise do represent a lot of work but the outcome is priceless! This overall exercise clarified so many things for me and it went above and beyond the branding. Thanks Virginie!
Mr. Petraglia

 CEO - RCR International

Virginie è riuscita a mettere in evidenza la mia vera personalità attraverso un processo rigoroso e completo - non avrei mai potuto ottenere un tale risultato senza la sua esperienza, la sua creatività e il suo team di esperti in 3 lingue! Grazie Virginie.
Mr. Rizzuto

Conseiller en placement RBC Dominion valeurs mobilières

There is one thing i will never forget about the coaching with Mrs. Audet, it’s the method she used to help me Re-discover my family and business values witch my foundations are built on. Audet Branding made me step out of my comfort zone and helped  me distinguish myself from the competition. Mrs. Audet thank you for bringing my business to a higher level.
Mr. St-Jacques

Industrielle Alliance

Virginie worked on optimizing my LinkedIn profile, through all his work, I was contacted shortly after by a headhunter for a large financial company! Thank you again and keep up the good work!
Mme De Ladurantaye

President at deladurantayedesign

Having worked with Audet Branding inc, we found them to be extremely professional, paying the closest attention to every detail while at the same time expressing themselves in a language easy to understand. A fierce determination to get to know their clients allows them to fulfill their requirement at every level. 
A. Gervasio

President, GEKKO business solutions inc

I followed the brand identity program. This has allowed me to define my identity and position myself in the right market. This program helps us to move quickly to action and to guide our decisions so effective and to push our limits to new heights.
Pierre DesRochers

National Sales Manager, AI & HIV, Pfizer Canada

I had the opportunity to work closely with Virgine during the time that I was National Sales Manager AI & HIV at Pfizer Canada. She is highly committed, accountable and creative. She was highly engaged and inspired us with her ability to bring a fresh customer-centric view in how we were approaching business issues. Virginie possesses a deep understanding of the Specialty & Oncology market, has a great attitude on top of her knowledge and experience, and has a great ability to challenge status quo (in a very positive way)!
Geneviève Borne

Renowned performer, Montreal

I thank you for writing my speech for the event Grand Plaisir Great Cause! It was a wonderful evening and I was happy to be part of! Thank you for your generosity throughout the evening which was very nice! Looking forward to working with you again one day!
President of Maya Systems Inc.


Virginie participated in sessions of “brainstorming” with Maya-System’s Team to create a visual advertising of our products at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The result was convincing! Note: you can see the image of the brochure and kiosk in the “Achievements” section of the web site Audet Branding.
Mr. Perreault

Business Development Maya Systems inc., Arizona

We have had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Audet during the launch of our new products at the last C.E.S. show in Las Vegas. The potential investors have shown great interest in our product which is a testament of the quality of the branding work done by Mrs. Audet. We are confident that the investment made in branding our company and products will payoff many time over.
Ms. Desmarais

RBC Dominion, Montreal

I’d like to thank Audet Branding and all the organizers for the Business Speed Dating Cocktail Dinner held at the Royal Bank.  You made a reality out of a vision. The well created brand identity made the organization and the involvement of participants much easier.  A truly success of the evening was possible thanks to you.
Mr. Henry Curtis

Senior Counsellor Right Management, Montreal

Virginie is a member of our team of notification specialists, helping people who have just learned of the loss of their jobs and coaching their managers to deliver the message in a respectful way which enables them to move on to the next chapter in their lives with dignity. Virginie is highly professional and her coaching background means that she is an exceptional listener. She has shown herself to be flexible, respectful and empathetic, and has extremely good business instincts… a kind, creative and reliable person who it is a pleasure to work with!