Stand out on Linkedin !

Any professional wishing to expand his or her network owes it to him- or herself to be on LINKEDIN! It is the definitive tool for every individual (in career transition or who is simply hoping for a promotion), organisation or firm whising to bring its work, services or skills to a wider audience. Linkedin allows you to expand your network as well as to forge and build up relationships, to find new potential clients and much more.

This information will provide you with the basic concepts regarding the importance of mastering Linkedin and how it can be helpful to a professional. It is interactive and will allow you to develop handy, practical tricks and provide you useful advice that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

What you will learn?

  • Understanding the importance of Linkedin in the field of business.
  • Setting myself apart from others as a professional in my field.
  • Discovering my Me inc. (personal identity).
  • Becoming acquainted with this tool and its convenient, useful and helpful features.
  • Maximising Linkedin’s impact on my network and the possibilities it offers.
  • Applying the acquired knowledge.

What is the process?

  • Training is done directly at your office (a minimum of 6 people is required) as per your schedule (day, evening, weekends) or in a conference hall* centred on preferred dates.
  • Training is adapted and personalised for multidisciplinary teams or same-field colleagues.
  • Training accredited by most of the professional orders. 2-3 CEUs are refunded to you.
  • Hall located at the Old Port of Montreal near the Courthouse. Place D’Armes subway station.

For whom is it intended?

Every professional who wishing to enhance his/her reputation as a specialist in his/her own field of expertise. Whether starting up their practice, in a growth phase or on the verge of offering*ready to offer new services, the departure point is the creation of a winning position.

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Self-employed individuals

It pays off to invest in this improvement !

Our trainier is authorised/paid by Emploi Québec for expenses incurred in skills development and labor (1% Law). An invoice including the trainer’s authorisation number will be issued.

Take advantage of this training by taking action with a certified coach in Branding !

This is a general training adapted to a small groups. Participants are strongly suggested to revise their Linkedin profile immediatly after this meeting to add any missing elements. The best way to maximise this training is by becoming familiar with the tool and practicing.

We offer private coaching with a certified business coach by the International Coach Federation to help you personalise course content and to adapt your profile. An insurance receipt is issued upon request.

We offer, as a plus, a Linkedin profile drafting service that will set you apart from others. We showcase your strengths, expertise, interests – everything that makes you unique – and clarify your futures goals. The entire package is efficiently worded with precisely the right key terminology to distinguish your profile from that of the competition.

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