Our team


Audet Branding is known for its good ideas, team of seasoned professionals, simple yet effective process, and unique accomplishments.

Audet Branding’s Team offers you various services to make your brand successful! :

  • Defines a customized brand identity and image for businesses, professionals and CEOs (Personal Branding)
  • Streamlines business processes and facilitates decision-making, your career transition to differentiate you from the competition. (coaching in branding)
  • Leads group discussions to generate ideas and find concrete solutions

Whether your aim is to acquire a clearer, more consistent and more coherent view of your very essence, to give direction to or to answer the fundamental questions of an organisation, Audet Branding has developed an extensive line of services that offer enterprises and leaders what they seek.

Its president, Virginie Audet, is an expert in positioning and brand identity. She is genuine perceptive and innovative; she is especially renowned for her ideas, for being a master strategist and for her leadership skills. Over the years, she has guided many compagnies and leaders along their path has assisted them in creating an approach focusing on their value creation, allowing them to one-up themselves and to maximize their uniqueness.

Audet Branding teams up with the best specialists for all your marketing needs.. We’re here to the end!

Audet Branding collaborates with experts for all your marketing needs.

Whether for your logo, your web strategy the creation of marketing tools (leaflet, banner, etc.) and even for writing and translation. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Short on time and resources to advance your branding projects? We also offer tried and-true outsourcing solutions. Talk to our customers!

Whether your aim is to position and differentiate your firm or to create your professional identity, you can count on the experience that Audet Branding has to offer you.

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