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Brand identity is an organisation’s DNA, it’s departure point. It positions the brand in clients’ minds and dictates the direction that leaders, employees as well as professionals will take. It is the best management tool an organisation can acquire.

The success stories of people and organisations are directly linked to a good, solid brand identity. Apple, IKEA, popular singers, renowned athletes, and others have positioned their “brand” by doing the requisite background work: determining their ideology, taking an inventory of their values and making a decision regarding the type of relationship they wish to pursue with their clients. These organisations and individuals would not have attained such a degree of success if they hadn’t taken the necessary time to properly define their brand identity.

For enterprises as well as professionals, this thought process is an important piece of work that must be done. Indeed, it is the key to ensuring success and establishes the course of action to be taken by each and every stakeholder of an organisation who will subsequently travel down the same path.

Audet Branding offers its services directly to businesses, managers/CEO and professionals and acts as a consultant/facilitator to advertising/communication market research agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. This approach allows the agency to save valuable time and to create images and advertising/communication strategies that efficiently showcase the brand identity.