Focus Group Facilitator

Ask the right questions to get the right answers!

Audet Branding offers focus group facilitation services to marketing research agencies, survey and advertising agencies.

We offer focus group facilitation
services to help you:

  • Prepare for the launch of a new product or service (name of product, wrapping, material, etc.)
  • Repair the reputation of a product or service (market potential and public’s reaction)
  • Plan for restructuring, strategic reorientation and recovery restructuration
  • Obtain answers to questions of a social nature

Our experience extends to the pharmaceutical field as well as those of the health sector and the general public. Our services are equally requested in the business field and by professionals (image, orientation, etc.).

The facilitator’s expertise:
an essential factor for focus group!

The facilitator must:

  • Suggest appropriate methods and procedures
  • Create the group dynamic
  • Remain neutral and allow all participants to engage
  • Stay focused on the objectives and respect the grid of pre-established questions
  • Ask additional questions in order to go further in the process
  • Make sure that all the participants feel valued, listened to and motivated
  • S’assurer que tous les participants se sentent valorisés, écoutés et motivés
  • Easily summarize exchanges between participants
  • Maintain a suitable context for exchanges
  • Observe the unspoken and non-verbal situations

A facilitator should have a good judgement and show proof of leadership and creativity. He/she must be empathetic and perceptive and, furthermore, have good listening skills. Audet Branding offers quality Group facilitation

Audet Branding has forged an excellent reputation for facilitating focus groups by clearly defining the objectives and the stakes, developing proven efficient processes, and working closely with its clients.

Preparation for each and every facilitation and the creation of a fitting context guarantee a successful session. Encouraging participants to innovate, to bring out the best in themselves, and to share their points of view allows us to capture and understanding the various subtleties or insights of a project or product launch.

Virginie Audet – Facilitator

  • 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry (8 therapeutic fields), 10 of which were at Pfizer Canada
  • Vast experience in sales, marketing and corporate branding
  • Pioneer of national and international projects
  • Graduated in biology and business administration (MBA University of Montreal and MIB Université Paris-Dauphine)
  • Recognized for her innovative strategies and capacity for quickly identifying insights

Mastering the art of highlighting the little something that makes the difference, Audet Branding is the solution in all facilitation matters!

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