Branding – Brand Identity

Why is brand identity (branding) so important ?

Brand identity characterises a kind of brand power (read further) and consists of establishing a coherent, reliable and energetic image which will describe the «branded » products.

Branding defines the organisation’s, the CEO’s and the professional’s personality. Amongst other things, it describes the quality of products and/or services, its or the person’s values as well as the relationship to be established with clients. It allows an organisation or individual to hone powerful personality characteristics and a truly unique identity in order to stand apart from the competition and achieve success.

Once your unique identity has been solidly grounded, Audet Branding then collaborates with experts (designers, illustrators, programmers, translators, etc) and with well-established strategists (adverstising / communication agencies), in order to create your brand identity or to offer you the services of its multidisciplinary team. To know more about Audet Branding’ s Team.

Our brand identity program in 6 steps

Audet Branding offers a six-step programme that positions, defines and personalises your firm or professional brand. Every meeting is a step that allows you to gain a better understanding of what it is that makes your organisation unique in order to achieve desired success.

Our brand identity programme is offered and adapted to individuals, groups and administrative committees. The intensity of the programme and its timing depends on the expectations of the organisation. The programme also facilitates the creation and execution of your Strategic Planning.

Benefits of the program :

  • Position the organization and define its brand identity.
  • Create a clear, coherent and consistent vision of your very essence.
  • Provide clear direction to significantly move forward.
  • Save time and money (by skipping trial and error and going in circles).
  • Clarify the objectives and guide your team to find ways to attain them.

Program Overview:

  1. Objectives : To define clear and measurable objectives.
  2. Essence : The departure point of your brand identity… at the very core of the project.
  3. Perception : Know, validate and potentiate what clients think about you.
  4. Your promises (Unique Selling Proposition) : Determine the success factors and the competitive advantages in order to discover your organization’s USP, the lifeblood of any brand identity.
  5. Client and markets : Target your best potential clients and gain a thorough understanding of the external environment.
  6. Action plan : Create an action plan incorporating strategic recommendations. All that remains is for you to take action in order to reap the most from your investments!
Brand Identity | Audet branding

Note: Trainer accredited by Emploi Québec. The 1% law training to promote the development and recognition of skills of the workforce. Delivery of continuing education units (CEU) with your professional College.