Business Coaching | Positioning | Identity

The purpose of business coaching is to position you, to assist you in defining your professional or brand identity, to express your personality in the management of your company, to allow you to stand apart from others… and a whole lot more!

Whether in the format of individual meetings or in groups, this programme is flexible and easily adapts to your needs or your specific situation.

Business coaching is a personalised, professional guidance that allows you to obtain concrete and measurable results. Audet Branding  works directly with the customer and also acts as a consultant for adversating/communications agencies wishing to offer their customers a complementary service of brand identity definition. This approach allows the agency to save valuable time and to create images and advertising/communication strategies that efficiently showcase the brand identity.

Coaching is an effective tool for:

  • Clarifying business objectives and project vision.
  • Fostering independence in the management of your business and your firm.
  • Defining the organisation’s or professional’s personality to assist him or her to stand apart from the crowd and achieve his or her goals. Allowing for the potentiation of your ideology, the quality of goods and services, your company’s strengths, etc.
  • Determining your own distinctive, strong and unique identity, permitting you to lay a solid foundation and move forward.
  • Creating a clear and precise vision of the professional’s/firm’s identity in order to establish effective standardised communications.
  • Supporting clients with specific or one-time needs. Examples: career transition, employee assignment, professional development, team or group coaching, management coaching tailored for leaders.

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Personal identity

The term “personnal identity” (personnal branding) is now being widely used because, with the advent of social media and the importance of finding YOUR niche and making YOUR mark in your professional domain, Me inc. has become paramount in your quest to stand alone. Personnal branding showcases your strengths, your expertise, your personality. It differentiates you, allows you to create your own unique identity.

We offer business coaching for professionals wishing to take total control of their Me inc. We also provide training to create your identity on Linkedin.

Create your professional identity on LINKEDIN

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Recognised and accredited training

Our extensive coaching-training of over 4000 hours has been obtained in institutions officially recognised and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (PCC certification). It covers the eleven (11) requisite skills of the ICF. In addition, we have received coaching-practitioner certification*training based upon neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Note: Financial support is available through Emploi Quebec. They will pay for a good portion of the coach’s honoraria (see prerequisites). Trainer accredited by Emploi Québec. The 1% law training promotes the development and the recognition of  workforce and skills.