Being a Leader Every Day

In your practice, you collaborate with colleagues, employees and various business partners. As a professional leader, how do you support and help achieve a common objective? How do you “connect” and create professional links which will have an impact on motivation and will to attain full potential? Being a leader might seem simple; however, in order to be successful, certain skills are required. Knowing how to be one is an art that has a direct impact on the retaining rate, communication and collaboration among colleagues.

Your leadership style will become, so to speak, your trademark (the way you will be regarded). It will determine who you are, what makes you different and what your credibility is.  It will also have a direct impact on your results.

Giving leadership the uttmost importance to establish optimal collaboration among team members is the key to a successful «employer or professional» brand strategy.


This training will provide you with the fundamentals of the importance of being a performance leader.  It will allow you to become aware that leadership has a direct impact on practice, group motivation and performance.  You will be able to analyse and integrate the required skills to emerge as a better team leader.

What are the objectives?

  • Understanding the importance of leadership in practice.
  • Defining the 6 qualities of a good leader.
  • Exercising leadership every day (tips and advice).

What is the process?

The training is given in the comfort of your own office. It is also posted on the calendar of many professional orders. In a multidisciplinary group or with colleagues working in the same profession, this training is tailored and personalised.

Accredited by most professional orders (accounting, notaries, attorneys, engineers, administrators … ), 3 CEUs are awarded.

For managers of large companies, this instruction can be included in your training plan development and recognition of workforce skills.

For whom is it intended?

  • Experienced professionals regardless of their line of work (firm, office, etc.)
  • Professionals associated with a team and/or in charge of a team
  • Entrepeneurs or managers

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